Sadly, I've long overdued my stay. To the many of you who I still call my friends, thank you for joining me on this long journey. You've all helped me grow as a person so much and I thank you for that. Despite any 'dramas' I've had with some of you, I'd still like to say thank you - you were an integral part of my journey here. I witnessed many friends coming and going, I initially kept this running in the hope that one day some of you would come and check up on me from time to time as I do for you, but sadly I can't endure it anymore. I was proud to be some of your Tiffany anons and to keep this account running for 3 years was a great endeavour for me. I hope your days from now on will be as bright as the time you've given me. If you still desire my personal: Thank you so much, - 보석보다 빛나는 티파니